Today I’ve got a really special guest for you, Sarah Bonneville. She’s become a good friend and she’s also my virtual assistant. But first…she was my client. That’s right, back when Path to Freedom Coach Academy first got started, it wasn’t just for coaches, it was for ALL online entrepreneurs. Just a good look into the progression of business – it changes as YOU change, you aren’t married to your first idea! As you develop you start to niche down more and more until you land on the idea that just feels so RIGHT to you. There’s a bit of that here in Sarah’s story as well as she talks about how when she first started her business it was around her first passion, working with autistic kids, and how she realized that wasn’t something she wanted to turn into a business.

So anyway, Sarah and I had such a great conversation that I think you’re going to love. We dive into what her life was like before starting a business – much like me she was getting sick in her day job and much like many of you I’m thinking as well – always sick, stressed, exhausted. We’re talking ulcers, depression, anxiety, mouth sores, eating disorders, I mean really painful, life-altering stuff.

Sarah would come home at the end of the day just wiped and making a quick dinner, binging  Netflix, going to sleep and doing it all over again. Something I can totally relate to, sounds so much like my life as well before I started my business. It was like life on autopilot.

Growing up, Sarah never even dreamed of being an entrepreneur. Her mom was a teen mom, they didn’t have a lot and it really created so many limiting beliefs and stories around money for Sarah. So much so that she really never invested in herself at all until she made the decision to start her business. And even then it was scary as shit for her, as we can all relate. Sarah never thought she was really cut out to be an entrepreneur, she was shy, introverted, didn’t come from an entrepreneurial family or a lot of money.

But funny enough she found a voice online. She found she could be more herself on the internet. And she slowly started to take baby steps towards a life that was her own, a life she created and designed. Now Sarah’s making almost double what she was making in her last job, she’s free to pursue her favorite things like playing in a band and on a field hockey team, traveling around the world and working with clients from anywhere she pleases. It hasn’t been an easy journey, Sarah will be the first one to admit that, but she’s also proof that when you want something, all you have to do is rewrite your story to get it. I LOVED this interview and I know you will too.

Aha Moments:


Charity is a self-care coach from St. George Utah. Over the years she started and stopped many programs in college, never quite figuring out what exactly she wanted to do with her career and life, but she just knew she wanted to help people.

When she decided to be a self-care coach everything in her life aligned. She found her life purpose.

I love this interview because it really shows that you can literally go from having NO idea what your purpose is or what your career could be to having paying clients (more than 10) in just a few months!

We dive deep into how Charity was able to overcome her fears of investing in herself, of putting herself out there and sharing her new business, to how she was able to get 6 new clients in ONE week.

Aha Moments:

Alignment is scary if you’re being honest. Curiosities are your soul speaking. How I stay healthy to avoid getting sick again. Shame around being a coach.

Hi guys, welcome back to another episode of the Punch Drunk Soul podcast, I’m your host, Ali Daniel.

So this episode is very near and dear to my heart because I wanted to share my story with you all, as open and vulnerable as possible. It was also recorded on my 30th birthday, so that’s cool. I asked my good friend Jessica Thomlinson to interview me for it and she just blew me away with her questions.

Her and I met on Instagram last year actually and we’ve become great friends. She’s a wonderful person and I just LOVE how this interview turned out. She’s great at asking deep questions and really helped bring out some of the juiciest bits of my story for you guys.

Listen in to experience my highs and lows, how I got in alignment with my purpose and my tips for you, how I got started in my business, the fears I overcame and how, my top 2 tips for getting started, how to heal yourself, what my mission is, and some of my proudest moments.

It’s by far one of the favorite interviews ever and I’m so excited to share it with you, so let’s just jump on in!

In this episode you’ll learn…

So I am back and bigger than ever with this podcast.

This is my COMEBACK episode where I share how I pretty much died and came back to life, what I’m up to in my business now, how I grew my blog into a coaching business with $20K online launches without any certifications and how I help women like you run a successful online coaching business.

Cue the lights and dramatic music…I wanted to use this episode to fill you in on what happened to this podcast, where I went and why I’m back, and then tell you a little bit about what to expect from me and the show moving forward.

In this episode you’ll learn…

2 Ways To Powerfully Overcome Your Fears

I have been getting a lot of emails recently from women who say that the biggest thing holding them back from living the life they want to live is fear, fear, fear, fear. FEAR. Big fat FEAR.

So today I wanted to share the two methods to overcome your fears that I also share with my clients and go into a lot of depth in my group mentor mentorship program, Path to Freedom.

These methods will help you reframe your fears in a way that allows you to work WITH and through them instead of have them work against you.

Method #1: Is this fear real or imagined?

The first method to overcome your fears is to ask yourself a simple question – is my fear real or imagined? When we feel fear, most of the time it’s imagined fear. We are projecting a future outcome or making up some outcome that we think is going to happen, but we really have no clue what will play out.

We’re just playing out these scenarios in our head. They are completely made up stories that we’re just telling ourselves about what we think is going to happen. Why do we do this to ourselves?! Why can’t we think of cool stories that will happen instead? Can’t we think of things that we WANT to happen instead?

The Easiest Way To Start a Coaching Business and Replace Your 9-5 Income

I want to talk about the reasons why creating a low-end/cheap course/product or digital product is the absolute worst way to start a coaching business.

I know a lot of people are gonna give me crap for that because that’s how a lot of people have started their coaching businesses, I get it, it works for some people. But I want to tell you why this is an unsustainable, frustrating, and painful way to start an online business, especially a coaching business.

The plain and simple truth: creating and selling a course or digital product takes a long time. Since it’s a painstakingly slow and long process, most people end up quitting before they even see a single dime from the product they’ve created.

GAH, stop the madness!

I see so much entrepreneur burnout and my heart goes out to these amazing people who are trying so hard to make an impact but seeing so little results.

Many new and aspiring coaches think that before they start a coaching business they need to sell an e-book or some other digital product or an affordable course because they don’t feel secure enough in being a coach yet, either with one on one coaching or group coaching.

They don’t feel they are experienced enough, so they try to get that experience through making an ebook or a cheap course.

In other words, they’re hiding.

And I totallllyyy get it because, hey, I hid too.

I WAS this person.

I was the aspiring coach who wanted to work with women, impact the world and help people – but I thought I needed more experience first.

I thought I needed more credibility, I just didn’t feel…ready yet.

So I thought I would put together a quick course or a book – THEN I would be more legit, more official…more credible right?

Wrong. The problem was, I never actually did it. I kept thinking about it and worked on growing my audience and blog traffic in the meantime.

I even did write an ebook but I was too chicken shit to charge for it!

The truth is, I worked SO hard on building an audience so I could sell a product to them that I got burnt out before I actually sold anything to them.

Oh the irony.

And this didn’t just happen to me. It happens to thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs around the world.

They get so focused on content, on building an audience that they often don’t even reach the point of selling anything before they get sick or burnt out and quit.

Or they finally do create something to sell and offer it to their thousand person email list and they get crickets. Or maybe if they’re lucky 10 people buy. But the problem is, they’re selling such a cheap product they just made maybe $1,000 for a years worth of work and hustle. Worth it?

I think not.

I could see this gloomy future ahead of me.

So I switched tactics.

I found an easier way to start a coaching business fast.

3 Ways to Reconnect with Yourself

*In collaboration with Sleep Advisor*

It’s so very easy to get lost in this modern fast-paced world of ours. Every hour we’re awake our self confidence seems to be under attack. We are either bombarded with advertisements intended to make us doubt ourselves or we’re scrolling through ‘friends’ social media posts feeling like failures at life.

One day you wake up and suddenly you can’t actually remember who you are anymore.

It often feels like we are running at full speed just to stay still. Sometimes you just wish you could pause it all. That you could press a button on some kind of cosmic remote control and the world would stand still long enough for you to gather your breath and just catch up.

If you’ve ever felt the way I’ve described above then take a deep breath, or six, go make yourself a nice glass of green tea (don’t forget the slice of lemon) and then come back and read my 3 ways to reconnect with yourself below.

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What does spiritual mean? ALL the common misconceptions and my take on what being spiritual means to me.

So last night I had a thought…there are SO many misconceptions about what being SPIRITUAL means, right? I think so many people avoid this journey because of the negative connotations and misconceptions out there. I started writing down all the misconceptions, the clichés, the commonly held beliefs about spirituality that I’ve heard and felt before. Many of these are ones that actually initially turned me off from becoming spiritual myself! It wasn’t until early 2016 that I really started on my spirituality journey and since I started, it’s taken on so many different forms.

I’ve gone to somewhat extremes on either end of the spectrum to find where I fit in the middle. From hating the word God to reading a book called “Conversations With God” (that I highly recommend by the way!), to staying with a shaman in the rainforests of Peru and going on a plant medicine “healing” journey, to hiring a spiritual health coach, to going on a 5-day silent retreat by myself, practicing yoga, meditating daily, reading different spiritual books, and the list goes on.

what does spiritual mean, spirituality, how to be spiritual, finding yourself, soul-searching, how to find yourself, spirituality definition, what is spirituality, spiritual life

I’ve been exploring as much as I can about the different modalities and cultures of spirituality so that I can start to develop my own definition of what it means to me. And I think that’s what’s most important. That YOU define what being spiritual means to YOU. It’s different from person to person and that’s the beauty of it!

I would love to hear, what are some of the misconceptions you’ve heard or FELT about spirituality? And what does being spiritual REALLY mean to you? What is spirituality to you?

Here are some of the ones that I hear and feel the most.

Being spiritual means being religious.