“Ditch the 9 to 5” Business Coaching

You are someone who needs…

  • More freedom and flexibility in your schedule
  • A clear vision for your business that motivates you
  • To figure out who your ideal client is and what you can help them achieve
  • More confidence to overcome the fears holding you back from leaving the 9-5 and being your own boss
  • Help getting started and prioritizing actions in the face of the overwhelming amount of information out there
  • To learn to let go of the unessentials – what’s keeping you unsatisfied, unfulfilled and unhappy

Does this sound like you?

You’re unsatisfied and unfulfilled in your current situation. You often find yourself daydreaming about starting a business so successful that you can quit your day job. You’re exhausted at the end of the day, working a job that you’re not passionate about, wondering how on earth you’ll ever find time to get your business off the ground. You’re scattered and spread too thin between work and home life. There’s no time for you, no time for self-care. You’re afraid you might never find your purpose if you don’t make some changes soon. You keep telling yourself you’re stupid for wanting to walk away from a paycheck and often doubt your ability to be successful as your own boss

But deep down you know you’re capable of being a successful business owner. You just need a little guidance.

You know you want a career you can be proud of, feel a sense of ownership and accomplishment for. You want a career you’re passionate about that makes a difference in other people’s lives. You want to derive energy and satisfaction from it. You want it to bring freedom and flexibility to your life so you can spend more time on you and what’s most important to you. But you’re afraid you wont be good enough. You’re afraid of failing, of letting people down, of never reaching your goals. You’re scared you’ll run out of money. You tell yourself there are already tons of people out there doing what you want to do and there’s no room for you to achieve success too. All of these fears and the information overload out there is wreaking havoc on your mental state, causing you to freeze instead of take action. If it can’t be perfect, if you can’t be perfect, than maybe you shouldn’t do it at all. Sound familiar?

These feelings and thoughts keep eating away at you until you can’t take it anymore. You know you’re ready for a change. You know you need to make this happen for yourself, but how? You just need help getting started and taking action on what matters most. 

You need help getting out of your own way. You need guidance from someone who’s been in your shoes, who’s dealt with these exact problems and who has gotten through them successfully. Someone who has navigated these waters before…

That’s where I come in!

Oh, hey, girl! It’s about time you met me! 😉 I know you didn’t land on my blog by accident. You’re here for a reason and the time is NOW! The time to get clear on what you want is NOW! The time to take action towards the life and business you deserve and desire is NOW! And guess what? I’m here for you, right NOW.

It’s time you open the doors to the possibilities that the Universe has in store for you. It’s time you let your imagination run wild and define what your dream life and dream business look like. It’s time you dedicated yourself to figuring out what will make you feel passionately fulfilled. It’s time you figure out what makes you happy and get rid of everything in your life that doesn’t.

It’s time to take ownership of your life. To stop being a passenger and start being the driver. It’s time to feel alive, to be in awe of your life. It’s time to feel proud of what you do and what you’ve accomplished.

Are you ready?…

My “Ditch the 9 to 5” Business Coaching is available as a private, one-on-one coaching program where you’ll receive…

  • 5 months of private, one-on-one coaching designed to give you clarity on the ideal life and business you want, help you take action and start loving your life
  • Weekly 60 minute coaching sessions over video conferencing platform, Zoom, or over the phone. Your preference!
  • Unlimited e-mail and text support in between sessions

Program Details

Step #1. Assess and Reprogram

At the beginning of our time together we will spend a few sessions going over where you are now and what got you there. We’ll do a deep dive into who you are, your likes, dislikes, what motivates you, what you’re struggling with, your biggest problems, biggest fears, strengths, weaknesses to start uncovering how we can help you move forward towards your ideal life and business. We’ll start uncovering the mental patterns, limiting beliefs and emotions that are holding you back from being a successful business owner and keeping you from fully committing to this dream. Together we’ll reprogram your mind and update your mindset to that of a successful business owner who brings in clients with ease at prices you’re excited about.

Step #2. Building the Vision

In our next few sessions together we’ll start getting clear on what you truly want and building our the vision of your business. The business that lights your soul on fire. The one that will fill you with passionate fulfillment and get you excited to wake up every day. I’ll walk you through a special guided meditation to help you visualize an ideal day and what that looks like for you. We’ll work off this vision in the next few sessions to start building action steps towards this ideal life and business and set real attainable goals. We’ll also define your ideal client and the results you’ll be able to achieve with them. We’ll use this time to explore and come up with ideas for your the people you’re passionate to help.

Step #3. Branding and Marketing

Once we’re clear on your ideal business and client we’ll start constructing your brand and marketing materials. From your website and brand colors, to your positioning, to professional photoshoots, we won’t leave any stone unturned. We’ll craft your messaging and story in a way that draws in your ideal client and has them excited to work with you before you even have a consultation.

Step #4. Your Website

Next we’ll go over the steps you need to take to grow your website into a cash generator. Freebies, opt-ins, newsletters, email list building strategies, blog content, social media, we’ll cover it all to teach you how to leverage your content to attract your ideal clients and turn them into buyers.

Step #5. Selling and Serving

At this point you need to learn how to speak to your ideal clients and close the sales. But it’s not all about selling, it’s about serving your clients. You’re not just selling your services, you’re providing the valuable gift of your service. You need to think of it as such. We’ll go over the exact steps you can go through on your free consultation calls to close the sale every time.

Step #6. The Big Picture

Remember those big goals you set for yourself in the beginning of our time together? We’re going to map out the next 12 months, month by month, so that you have a set plan and feel confident in your ability to succeed on your own. Whether you’re hoping to set up a freelancing business, a high-level consulting biz, online courses or your own coaching practice, I will help you map out the steps to make it a reality so you can finally leave your 9 to 5 job and focus on what really matters.



Next Steps

Heck yes, girlfriend! You’re ready to change your life – I’m so happy for you! Just fill out the form below to request a FREE 45 minute consultation call with me. On this call we’ll discuss what problems you’re most frustrated with, what your goals are and what working with me would look like for you specifically. It’s also the perfect time for us to get to know each other better and see if we’re a good fit to work together.

Questions first? Email me at Ali@PunchDrunkSoul.com