Work with me

Hey, girlfriend!

I’m Ali.

I’m a non-religious but also non-hippy, modern spiritualista. I’m also a soul-alignment and mindset coach helping women connect with their Soul-Selves so they can live passion-filled lives of freedom and joy. Basically I help women align with their souls, step into their Confident Queen identities, and launch their passions into the world. If you’re cool with it, I’d love to be your new friend and soul sister!

If you are looking for MORE from your life, I want to work with you. More freedom, more joy, more flexibility, more YOU being YOU and doing what YOU want to do! I love helping women connect back to their truest selves, their Soul Selves, and live life on their own terms. I help them banish self-doubt, become confident queens and launch passion projects or businesses into the world!

Interested in working with me? Let’s hop on a discovery call!