Work with me

Hey, girlfriend!

I’m Ali.

I’m a non-religious but also non-hippy, modern spiritualista. I’m also a soul-alignment and mindset coach helping women connect with their Soul-Selves so they can live passion-filled lives of freedom and joy. Basically I help women align with their souls, step into their Confident Queen identities, and launch their passions into the world. If you’re cool with it, I’d love to be your new friend and soul sister!

If you are looking for MORE from your life, I want to work with you. More freedom, more joy, more flexibility, more YOU being YOU and doing what YOU want to do! I love helping women connect back to their truest selves, their Soul Selves, and live life on their own terms. I help them banish self-doubt, become confident queens and launch passion projects or businesses into the world!

Curious about how we can work together? Check out some of my packages below:

Life Calling & Soul-Alignment Mentoring
We work together over the course of 3 months to really dig into who you are, what you value, who you want to be, and outline your ideal life, passions, and purpose. I show you how to align with your Soul self, step in to the confident queen you were meant to be, and follow your dreams and passions without fears holding you back. Look forward to a deep connection to your true self and your purpose, knowing WHY you’re living, feeling alive AF, and radiating pure energy into every aspect of your life. Then we start building your passion project or business from the ground up. Essentially I help you figure out what you want out of life and then take action on it with confidence. It rocks.
Price: $900/month or $2500 in full 
Includes bi-weekly audio lessons, guided meditations, 12 Zoom calls, all call recordings, transformational assignments and homework, email support for 3 months and one 15 minute “on-call” emergency session per month.

Confident Queen Coaching
We work together for 1 month, over the course of 4 1:1 sessions to determine the core beliefs and underlying stories or traumas that are causing you to have low self-confidence. Then together we banish them and reprogram your mind with new beliefs and stories that serve you, your confidence, and your new found kick-ass queen persona so you can finally accomplish those goals that have eluded you for so long.
Price: $697
Includes 4 ZOOM calls, all call recordings, transformational assignments and homework, and email support for one month

Stressed Out Fempreneur Coaching
For female entrepreneurs who are stressed the F out with work and having a hard time balancing work + life + self-care. For the hardworking fempreneurs and mompreneurs out there who started their business to have more freedom, flexibility and fun, but now seem to have less of it all! We work together over the course of 4 bi-weekly sessions to uncover the beliefs that are keeping you forever hustling and break through them to create that freedom and FUN you’ve been craving since before you started your business. I help you determine your Core Purpose Values and priorities as well as help you to understand WHY you work so hard so you can start to take a step back into your more feminine energy and let things flow more naturally and easily without the stress and hustle.
Price: $497/month or $897 in full
Includes 4 Zoom calls, all call recordings, transformational assignments and homework, email support for 8 weeks, and one 15 minute “on-call” emergency session.

Any of these sound like you? Apply for a free 1:1 consultation with me here. 🙂