What Happens When You Spend Time Alone (and Why You Need to Go On a Solo Retreat Now)

Earlier this year I took a solo, week-long trip to Lake Tahoe that I called my “solo retreat” in an effort to spend time alone, away from the stress of every day life, give my body a little extra time, space and relaxation to heal (if you don’t know what I’m healing from, read my first post!), and just get better connected with myself. A lot of people are afraid to spend time alone – I’m SO not one of those people. I love my alone time. But I think it’s important for everyone, especially for people afraid of being alone, to spend an extended amount of QT (quality time) alone with yourself every so often to recharge your batteries and make sure you’re able to hear your inner guide/voice/soul or whatever you personally call it. So what happens when you spend time alone (like a week!) and why should you schedule some of this time for yourself asap?

You learn new things about yourself

When you spend time alone you have no one else to talk to or share your thoughts with. You only have yourself to contemplate and converse with – and you never know what sorts of things will pop into your head until you’re alone with your thoughts. Have you ever spent more than a few days alone with no one to talk to? I have to tell you, it’s pretty interesting what starts to happen.

We’re constantly bombarded with so much noise, distraction, and external influences in our everyday lives from the people around us, to advertisements, our jobs, tv shows, you name it. All telling us how to behave, what we should want, what’s attractive. And this starts from the day we’re born and doesn’t stop. It’s beneficial for your well-being to stop and give your mind and body a break from the constant chatter once in a while so you can get in tune with your inner voice and reconnect with that badass soul of yours.

Our personalities are constantly changing due to internal and external influences but when was the last time you checked in with yourself to become aware of how you’ve changed? The best way to do this is to spend time alone, free from distractions and external forces and messages. You might be surprised at what you learn and notice.