Podcast Guest Application

What’s it about, you ask?
Sometimes, the soul can become punch drunk. These are open, honest, raw and inspiring conversations with real, every day people and experts about their own struggles and triumphs with 
happiness and finding a sense of purpose in life. If you’re feeling stuck, confused, or just unhappy with the direction of your life, this podcast is for you. If you would enjoy being a fly on the wall in someone else’s therapy sessions, this podcast is also for you. Let’s learn from each other and live the lives we truly want.

Would you like to be on the podcast?
I am currently accepting guest submissions if you would like to be considered to appear as a guest on the show.

What I’m looking for
I’m on the lookout for ordinary, every day people who have a story to share about their own personal struggles and triumphs with happiness, mindfulness and living a meaningful life in alignment with their true-self. I want my audience to learn from your experiences, so you must be willing to share open and honestly and want to provide value to my listeners.

I am also looking for happiness, mindfulness, wellness and spiritual experts/ bloggers/ influencers to share their stories in the same vein as well.

If this sounds like you or someone you know, please apply and I will be in touch if I feel it’s a good fit.

Thank you!