5 Misconceptions About Happiness that Stress You Out

I was checking out at the grocery store yesterday and the cashier and the bagger (both maybe 18 year old boys) were having a disagreement about whether rich people or poor people are happier. The cashier thought that poor people are happier because #momoneymoproblems while the bagger thought rich people were happier because they could basically do anything they wanted and not have to work. Their conversation got me thinking about some of the misconceptions about happiness that we have and whether or not these beliefs themselves are actually causing unnecessary stress in our lives. What sorts of beliefs or standards are people trying to live up to in the pursuit of happiness?

Live Your Best Life Now: 25 Soul-Enhancing Ways To Make This Year Your Best Yet

Welcome to the new year everyone! Wow, I can’t believe how quickly last year flew by. To be honest, I’m kinda happy it’s over. It was time to start a new chapter with a clean slate. I needed it! Last year brought me a lot of pain and challenges, but those experiences also changed me in ways I would never in a million years take back! This isn’t to say that you can’t start a fresh chapter any day of the year, but there’s just something about a new year that really feels like the page has turned and you can sort of start over, right? So, let me ask you, are you ready to live your best life now?! I know I am.

To start the new year off with a bang I wanted to tell you guys some of the things I’ll be doing this new year to further connect with my true self and soul, find sustainable happiness, have more fun, and experience rapid personal growth. Some of these things will be new for me and some are tried and true methods that I’ll be sticking with through the new year.

I would love to hear your thoughts on these and if you have some of your own methods for living your best life now, please share with us in the comments! Spread the love around, ya know?!

Want to be happier? Stop Trying to Find Your Life Purpose Now

Do you ever stop and wonder how to find your calling or your life purpose? You’re not alone.

Our generation (my generation, aka Millennials) has become obsessed with chasing after what we call our true calling or our life purpose. And it’s making all of us damn crazy, depressed and confused! I’m certainly not the only one who has felt unsettled, like something’s missing from my life, a little unfulfilled for reasons I can’t explain.

I have a happy, damn-near perfect life with family and friends who love me – so WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?! I feel like I’ve got some #firstworldproblem here. And I do. Trust me when I say people my age in developing countries or countries plagued by war are not consumed by searching for their life purpose. Unfortunately, they’re more concerned with meeting their basic needs like food, safety and shelter than fulfilling their life purpose – for the most part.

Honestly, this is a pretty modern, “rich” people problem to have (disclaimer: I am not rich so don’t come to me begging for money…, but compared to people my age from previous time periods we’ll say that I am). My life is so great, what could possibly be wrong? What’s wrong is I’ve been chasing some abstract notion of my life’s true calling or life purpose when there isn’t one to be found. There just isn’t. It doesn’t exist, so everyone, please stop looking! Trust me, you’ll be so much happier you did.

What Happens When You Spend Time Alone (and Why You Need to Go On a Solo Retreat Now)

Earlier this year I took a solo, week-long trip to Lake Tahoe that I called my “solo retreat” in an effort to spend time alone, away from the stress of every day life, give my body a little extra time, space and relaxation to heal (if you don’t know what I’m healing from, read my first post!), and just get better connected with myself. A lot of people are afraid to spend time alone – I’m SO not one of those people. I love my alone time. But I think it’s important for everyone, especially for people afraid of being alone, to spend an extended amount of QT (quality time) alone with yourself every so often to recharge your batteries and make sure you’re able to hear your inner guide/voice/soul or whatever you personally call it. So what happens when you spend time alone (like a week!) and why should you schedule some of this time for yourself asap?

You learn new things about yourself

When you spend time alone you have no one else to talk to or share your thoughts with. You only have yourself to contemplate and converse with – and you never know what sorts of things will pop into your head until you’re alone with your thoughts. Have you ever spent more than a few days alone with no one to talk to? I have to tell you, it’s pretty interesting what starts to happen.

We’re constantly bombarded with so much noise, distraction, and external influences in our everyday lives from the people around us, to advertisements, our jobs, tv shows, you name it. All telling us how to behave, what we should want, what’s attractive. And this starts from the day we’re born and doesn’t stop. It’s beneficial for your well-being to stop and give your mind and body a break from the constant chatter once in a while so you can get in tune with your inner voice and reconnect with that badass soul of yours.

Our personalities are constantly changing due to internal and external influences but when was the last time you checked in with yourself to become aware of how you’ve changed? The best way to do this is to spend time alone, free from distractions and external forces and messages. You might be surprised at what you learn and notice.

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Wellness Christmas Gift Ideas For The Modern Spiritualista

Hey y’all (I always used to wish I had a southern accent and said y’all for some reason)! Sooo I am just going to use that every so often but in case you were wondering, no I’m not from the South. Straight up California born and raised, yo!

I thought since we are getting SO close to Christmas (my favorite time of the year!) I would put together a fun wellness Christmas gift idea guide in case you guys have some modern spiritualista loved ones who could use thoughtful gifts this year! These also make great gifts for yourself if you’re so inclined! 😉

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Some of these are products I have used and love myself or they’re ones I’m itching for too! Enjoy & let me know what you think!

So I still need to update y’all on my latest trip to Iceland (!) but until I’ve got the pictures all sorted out, I’ll start with this post. I uploaded a couple Iceland pics on my Instagram though if you are curious, you can check them out here. But last night I saw Dr. Strange with my family while back in the Bay Area for Thanksgiving. And I have to say, it was awesome.

I’ve never read comic books (except for Archie comics come to think of it..) but the Marvel team has done an amazing job turning their comic book heroes into Hollywood movies – my favorites now have to be Deadpool and Dr. Strange. I had absolutely no idea what to expect when we went to see the movie except that it looked a little trippy in the previews. I didn’t know that Dr. Strange’s whole story would be centered around meditation, Buddhism and spirituality.

If you haven’t seen it yet, to sum it up, Dr. Stephen Strange is a highly-skilled neurosurgeon who injures his hands in a terrible car accident and renders them useless. Thus his whole sense of self is lost. He can’t imagine a life where he’s not a neurosurgeon so he embarks on a journey to heal his hands only to find himself drawn into a world of mystical arts founded in mindfulness, meditation and essentially Buddhism, though they don’t say that outright.

Why Uncertainty Limits Your Happiness (and how to fix it)

The future of our nation is uncertain. If there’s anything last night’s election tells me, it’s that America is divided and we now have a very controversial leader about to take the most powerful position in the world. Regardless of your political affiliation, you know Donald Trump is extremely controversial and very inexperienced politically. So, yes, there is massive uncertainty brewing.

Martin Luther once said “Nothing in the world causes so much misery as uncertainty.”

You got that right Mr. Luther (not to be confused with Martin Luther King Jr.)! This Martin Luther was actually a Christian theologian and Augustinian monk. So, on an every day level there is uncertainty in every choice we make – we are uncertain about sending an email, which route to take to get somewhere on time, saying yes or no to someone, which job to take, which candidate to vote for. On a deeper level, we as human beings are uncertain about life itself. What does it mean to be human? What are we here for? What is our purpose? On Amazon alone there are over 11,000 books on the topic “purpose of life” with thousands of reviews. See, everyone is wondering why we’re here! No matter who you are, you’re uncertain about something, big or small. And uncertainty leads to anxiety, stress, depression, regret, misery, and ultimately disconnect from ourselves, from others and from the power of Universe.

Deepak Chopra Meditation Challenge

I wanted to let you all know that another Chopra Meditation Challenge starts up again today. He releases these every couple of months and I have found all of them to be really well done and helpful. If you haven’t tried meditation before or you think it’s just not for you, I URGE you to try this out. It’s sort of fun to have it all packaged up in a neat 21 day meditation challenge.

The Chopra meditations are very simple, guided meditations that each focus on a different message and learnings for 21 days straight. It’s also 100% free (love me some free shit)  and you can listen whenever you want. If you’re asking who the EFF is Deepak and why should he guide me in a meditation? Because Deepak is the fucking MAN. Straight up yo. At least, he’s really resonated with me. I love what he’s all about. Don’t believe me? Check out what other people have to say:

“My country has been enriched by the contributions of more than a million Indian Americans, which includes Dr. Deepak Chopra, the pioneer of alternative medicine.” – President Bill Clinton, March 21, 2000 – State Dinner – India

Time Magazine heralds Deepak Chopra as one of the top 100 heroes and icons of the century, and credits him as “the poet-prophet of alternative medicine.”  – Time Magazine, June 1999