2 Ways To Powerfully Overcome Your Fears

I have been getting a lot of emails recently from women who say that the biggest thing holding them back from living the life they want to live is fear, fear, fear, fear. FEAR. Big fat FEAR.

So today I wanted to share the two methods to overcome your fears that I also share with my clients and go into a lot of depth in my group mentor mentorship program, Path to Freedom.

These methods will help you reframe your fears in a way that allows you to work WITH and through them instead of have them work against you.

Method #1: Is this fear real or imagined?

The first method to overcome your fears is to ask yourself a simple question – is my fear real or imagined? When we feel fear, most of the time it’s imagined fear. We are projecting a future outcome or making up some outcome that we think is going to happen, but we really have no clue what will play out.

We’re just playing out these scenarios in our head. They are completely made up stories that we’re just telling ourselves about what we think is going to happen. Why do we do this to ourselves?! Why can’t we think of cool stories that will happen instead? Can’t we think of things that we WANT to happen instead?

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Most of the clients I work with, when they have moved through their fears and done something scary, like announce on Facebook what their new businesses is or started an instagram, think that others will comment and say “what are you doing with your life?” or “this is dumb”  or they think others are going think it’s stupid and judge them for it.

But none of that actually happens! I’ve never once had a client come back and tell me someone made a negative comment. Not once.

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What happens instead is people actually show them encouragement and support and they often even land their first clients through this tiny act of courage!

So these worst case scenarios we always think are going to happen pretty much actually never happen. And instead we actually get some pretty cool results.

So ask yourself next time you’re feeling afraid, is it real or is it imagined fear? Most likely it’s all just in your head, so stop running away and hiding and get out there and do some epic shit and overcome your fear!

If there is a giant lion chasing you for its dinner tonight though, well that’s real fear, and you should probably start running.

Method #2: It’s just a feeling

The second method to overcome your fears is understanding it’s just a feeling. The funny thing about fear is that people always think they’re afraid of a circumstance or situation or result of something. But the truth is we’re not afraid of what happens. We’re afraid of how we think we’re going to FEEL when that thing happens.

Let’s say it’s public speaking as an example.

Are you actually afraid of getting up in front of a crowd and speaking? You might think you are, but really that’s just a circumstance, a simple fact that has no inherent meaning attached.

What you’re really afraid of is feeling embarrassed or humiliated or judged if the talk doesn’t go as planned.

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So next time you’re feeling fear, remind yourself, it’s just a feeling. It’s always just an emotion. And emotions can’t kill you. And they certainly don’t stick around forever. They’re fleeting. It’s only temporary.

So if we can understand that all we’re really afraid of is an emotion, then we really have nothing to be afraid of.

As soon as you simply feel an emotion fully, it moves on surprisingly quick.

You’ve embarrassed yourself before, right? You can do it again, I promise.

I know you’ve felt rejection, humiliation, embarrassment, shame, guilt before. So think back on a time when you felt some painful emotion and ask yourself, did I get over it? Did I survive? Am I here now? Did I get through it?


So…there’s nothing to be afraid of. If all you’re scared of is an emotion and emotions pass pretty quickly, then it’s time to put on your big girl pants and keep moving along, sister. #AINTNOBODYGOTTIMEFORTHATFEAR

So two simple ways to overcome your fears… 1. Is it real or imagined? 2. It’s just a feeling.

Remember these two ways to overcome your fears next time and you’ll be golden.

Let me know which one resonates most with you that you want to use next time!

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