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The #1 Mistake New Online Entrepreneurs Make That Cause Them To Quit

Hi friends! Ok, it’s been a while since posting on the blog. I’ve been in launch mode with my new group coaching program, Path to Freedom, that teaches women how to quit their jobs by starting their own online businesses in as little as 6 weeks…and now I’m letting the dust settle and getting revved up to serve the awesome ladies in my new group! Today I want to talk to you about the biggest mistake new online entrepreneurs make that cause them to quit before they really get any traction!

So before I jump in, I want to let you know that I did a FB Live video about this topic recently; you can check it out by clicking the image below.Mistake New Online Entrepreneurs Make, Starting an online business, online biz, online business, how to start an online business, online business ideas, soul aligned online business, soul business

Ok, so let’s just dive in! The BIGGEST, aka the #1 mistake new online entrepreneurs make is this: they start an online business before they take the time to connect with their souls or true selves.

This is a huge mistake. Actually, it’s the #1 mistake new online entrepreneurs make!

Why? Because if you don’t connect with your soul first, then chances are your business will not be sustainable.


Because motivation, drive, and inspiration comes from a place of alignment. If you’re not aligned with your soul, everything is going to be so much harder, you’re going to need to put in more effort, more hard work, more stress, more force, more willpower to get anything done. Does that sound like fun? Does that sound like the business you want to run? Does that sound like it’s a long-term sustainable plan for your future?



That’s my point!

Don’t start an online business – in fact, you really shouldn’t make any big decisions in life – from a place when you’re not feeling aligned with your soul.

One of my favorite spiritual/personal growth teachers is Jess Lively. Her signature catch phrase is “alignment before action.” What does this mean? It means if you take action from a place of alignment, everything flows with ease, inspiration, joy, and abundance. You don’t need to exert force to get things done, you don’t need willpower or discipline because you’re so inspired to act, you’re so motivated, and you’re so aligned with your purpose that everything comes effortlessly.

What happens when you start an online business when you’re not aligned with your soul?

    • Limiting beliefs like “I can’t do this,” “I’m going to fail miserably,” “I’m not cut out for this,” “No one is going to pay me!” “Who am I to be doing this?” are left on repeat in your mind causing you to lose faith quickly…and quit before you really even get started!
    • You don’t know WHY you are building your business and you have a vague or unclear vision that isn’t enough to  motivate you or keep you inspired so you lose motivation quickly…and quit
    • You end up relying on your logical brain (aka monkey brain) to tell you what’s possible instead of trusting the greater existence and plan of the Universe. This makes everything harder, seem impossible, and you end up impatient and lose faith…and quit
  • You end up spending countless hours working on a business that doesn’t light you up, instead it drains your energy still just like your old job. After a while it gets old and too difficult so you quit!

So I know right now, there’s a lot of people online saying, “Start your online business”, “Find your freedom”, “Create passive income streams!” And that is all awesome. I 100% agree that starting an online business is the way to go if you want to live a freedom lifestyle. There is so much liberation, so much possibility, so much enjoyment and personal growth in this journey, it’s a wonderful experience. So I’m all for it. But like I said, there is a big difference between starting any business or a business based on what other people are doing or what’s in demand and starting a business that aligns with your soul.

If you start your business without first connecting with your soul you are making the biggest mistake that new online entrepreneurs make – don’t do this! It’s a rookie move!

Essentially if you start just any business you’re going to find yourself working another job. One that doesn’t really fulfill you. It’s not anything special. You don’t really care about it that much. And I think we all know what happens when you don’t care about something, you lose interest, you lose motivation, you get burnout, so it might be successful for a year, or maybe it won’t. Either way you’re probably working your ass off, for a year, two years and then you find yourself getting burt out, losing motivation, losing steam, and then quitting.

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So how do you not make this mistake as a new or aspiring online entrepreneur? What should you do instead?

It’s what I teach in everything I do: with my clients, my freebies, with my programs, etc.. And that is to start everything by aligning with your soul FIRST. Here’s what makes the difference. When you’re aligned with your soul you will be energized. A soul-aligned business is something that fuels you. It’s something that excites you everyday. You wake up feeling motivated, passionate, and eager to learn and share your gifts with everybody.

A soul-aligned business is sustainable long term, essentially. When you start all action from a place of alignment, and a place that really lights you up you’ll notice a huge difference in your motivation, your vision, and your clarity and just your energy and excitement. And, this is something I’ve said before, but when you align with your higher self and your soul, the Universe aligns WITH you to give you more of what you want and help you on your path.

So align with your soul first. Find out who you truly are. Find out what you’re passionate about. Find out why you want to build a business and what that business is for and THEN build your business.

So like I said I’m super, super passionate about this soul-alignment work going into your business and that’s partially why I’ve created a soul-aligned biz guidebook for you guys. You can download it below. It outlines the exact steps you need to take in order to create your own, your very own soul-aligned online business. I’ve included a bunch of resources that I use in my business as well. And my favorite part about this guide is there’s also a jumpstart soul alignment guide to help you figure out what lights your soul on fire, who you really are and what you truly want.

Ready to start your own Soul-Aligned Online Biz? Download my Soul-Aligned Biz Guidebook below for my complete process!
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