Alignment is scary if you’re being honest. Curiosities are your soul speaking. How I stay healthy to avoid getting sick again. Shame around being a coach.

Hi guys, welcome back to another episode of the Punch Drunk Soul podcast, I’m your host, Ali Daniel.

So this episode is very near and dear to my heart because I wanted to share my story with you all, as open and vulnerable as possible. It was also recorded on my 30th birthday, so that’s cool. I asked my good friend Jessica Thomlinson to interview me for it and she just blew me away with her questions.

Her and I met on Instagram last year actually and we’ve become great friends. She’s a wonderful person and I just LOVE how this interview turned out. She’s great at asking deep questions and really helped bring out some of the juiciest bits of my story for you guys.

Listen in to experience my highs and lows, how I got in alignment with my purpose and my tips for you, how I got started in my business, the fears I overcame and how, my top 2 tips for getting started, how to heal yourself, what my mission is, and some of my proudest moments.

It’s by far one of the favorite interviews ever and I’m so excited to share it with you, so let’s just jump on in!

In this episode you’ll learn…

  • Why what I thought I wanted…wasn’t really what I wanted and how you can figure out the difference for yourself
  • My top tip to get in alignment with your soul and your purpose when you feel like you don’t know what you want or what you’re meant to do with your life
  • How you can get clarity on your purpose BEFORE your body breaks down
  • The difference between action and inspired action and how to follow inspired action you can explode your growth and results
  • How the name Punch Drunk Soul came into existence and looking back on my undefeated boxing past…
  • How I got over my insane fear of failure, where I put my attention instead of on myself
  • What my Core Purpose Values are and how they help me stay inspired and motivated in my business
  • There is SO much opportunity for people to make money by pursuing their passions as a career
  • How I shifted from thinking I wasn’t cut out to be an entrepreneur to being a successful one in less than a year
  • Being honest with yourself is the most important thing you can do in your life and lean into what you find, no matter how scary
  • How I stay healthy so I don’t get stressed and sick again by feeling into my body’s physical sensations and paying attention
  • The magic bullet for healing and freedom is THIS
  • How to overcome the shame and embarrassment of being a coach when you are starting out
  • What my big vision is for my business
  • Some client brags at the end, showing off what a few have accomplished!




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