In this episode of the podcast, I’m speaking with Coley Lane, the founder and editor of, an online magazine for becoming your best self. It’s a wonderful resource for anyone interested in personal growth and self-exploration. There’s a lot of great content on it, I even contributed an article myself about what you should be doing instead of soul searching. In this episode we cover a ton of ground in the world of personal growth, from how to find your passions, exploring your life’s purpose, to meditation, to self-awareness, to our personal habits and routines that we use to stay aligned with and be our best selves.

I was excited to talk to Coley because having founded an online magazine all about personal growth I knew she would have some interesting insights into what we could all be doing to be happier versions of ourselves. I also have gotten to know her personally outside of the podcast and I knew that her own journey of sort of growing up without any passions or direction might resonate with a lot of you, I know it did with me. 

In this episode you’ll learn…

  1. A mindset shift to help you build better habits and be more appreciative
  2. That a clear vision of what you want gives you motivation and drive and makes all your work easier
  3. There isn’t just one life purpose you need to be searching for
  4. How to find your passions, including tips and habits
  5. Why it’s important not to be set on specific future outcomes and to be open to different possibilities
  6. How surrendering control and having faith play a part in your happiness
  7. How to use journaling to learn more about yourself and improve your relationships
  8. Why it’s important to give yourself time to stop and feel your emotions and be aware of your thoughts
  9. Coley’s habits to stay aligned with herself and her passions
  10. How to use gratitude to experience greater joy in your life
  11. Coley’s top resources for self-improvement and alignment
  12. Our love for the Lively Show podcast!
  13. Coley’s 3 tips for a happy, purpose-filled life

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Coley’s Twitter – @Coley_LN

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