Deepak Chopra Meditation Challenge

I wanted to let you all know that another Chopra Meditation Challenge starts up again today. He releases these every couple of months and I have found all of them to be really well done and helpful. If you haven’t tried meditation before or you think it’s just not for you, I URGE you to try this out. It’s sort of fun to have it all packaged up in a neat 21 day meditation challenge.

The Chopra meditations are very simple, guided meditations that each focus on a different message and learnings for 21 days straight. It’s also 100% free (love me some free shit)  and you can listen whenever you want. If you’re asking who the EFF is Deepak and why should he guide me in a meditation? Because Deepak is the fucking MAN. Straight up yo. At least, he’s really resonated with me. I love what he’s all about. Don’t believe me? Check out what other people have to say:

“My country has been enriched by the contributions of more than a million Indian Americans, which includes Dr. Deepak Chopra, the pioneer of alternative medicine.” – President Bill Clinton, March 21, 2000 – State Dinner – India

Time Magazine heralds Deepak Chopra as one of the top 100 heroes and icons of the century, and credits him as “the poet-prophet of alternative medicine.”  – Time Magazine, June 1999

“A renowned physician and author, Deepak Chopra is undoubtedly one of the most lucid and inspired philosophers of our time.” – Mikhail Gorbachev, Citation of the Medal of the Presidency of the Italian Republic awarded by the Pio Manzu International Scientific Committee

Deepak Chopra, M.D.
New York Times Bestselling Author
Founder, The Chopra Foundation

Pretty impressive resume!

So, each of the Chopra meditations in the series disappears 5 days after it airs so be sure to listen to each before the time is up. If anyone wants to do this challenge with me, we can be meditation buddies ;). I’m starting tonight. Normally I do my meditations in the mornings but I just started a new Headspace pack that I’m really into right now so I am doing that one in the mornings and then I’ll do the Chopra meditation at night. Sometimes his meditations are so relaxing I fall asleep before they’re over if I listen at night…so I’ll maybe stay seated upright for these.

Each of the Chopra meditation challenges also has a theme. In the past, I’ve found his Perfect Health meditation to be just what I needed while I was dealing with the worst of my illness. That one basically talks about how we are all created exactly as we were meant to be created and that we need to learn to love ourselves no matter what we look like or how our bodies feel. That is how we will reach perfect health.

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I was actually just watching this interesting documentary last night called The Secret Science (check it out streaming for free here until Friday 11/4!) and one of the medicine men they interview talks about how when you have a disease you often push it away and tell yourself it’s not your disease, this isn’t you, this isn’t what you look like or how you’re supposed to feel.

But when we do this we are actually disassociating ourselves from our sickness and our bodies can’t work as efficiently to heal themselves because we haven’t accepted the sickness as part of us. Just one man’s opinion, but to me it makes so much sense. There were a couple of months that were really rough on me this year. Where I would look at myself and think this isn’t me. This sickness does not belong to me, this isn’t mine, this isn’t my body. It was hard to face but it only made me feel worse and probably just prolonged the illness longer than necessary.

Deepak taught me that we must approach ourselves kindly and with love in every situation, whether we are healthy or sick. Something that stuck with me during the Perfect Health meditation series was that he said to think of the situation as if you were a friend. If your friend was sick, how would you treat them? With love, encouragement and respect, right? So we need to do the same for ourselves. Whether we are unhappy with our weight, with a sickness, or just feeling tired all the time. Whatever we perceive to be wrong with ourselves we need to approach it with love and acceptance. Only then can we start to heal and find happiness.

So this next Chopra meditation series is called Creating Peace from the Inside Out. I’m really excited for it because I think it’s applicable to EVERYONE. I think happiness first comes from finding inner peace and acceptance within yourself. When that happens, everything else seems to fall into place as it should. Approach every situation and every person with love instead of fear or judgement and just WATCH how your world and life transforms.

It’s not something that happens overnight, or even something you can perfect in 21 days, but it’s something we should all practice so it comes more naturally each and every day. Commit to a small change like this because it can change your life for ever. Choose to perceive your family with more love, or your job with more gratitude. You’ll notice how much happier you become. Hey, if I can perceive my horrible skin issues with love and acceptance, you bet your fine ass you can look at something in your life that’s bugging you with peace and understanding and love too. 😉 Let’s do it together!

Here’s the description of the new Chopra meditation series below. Did I mention Oprah plays a small role? That beezy is just everywhere these days even when she doesn’t have her own show anymore! Lol, together they’re Deepak Choprah. Bam, they look good together. Is Oprah married?… Is Deepak…?

Deepak Chopra's 21 Day Meditation Challenge

Create peace within yourself, and let its energy open up your relationships and your world.

Join Oprah and Deepak to connect with your innate core of peace and love. Leave self-judgment and conflict behind as you transform every relationship into one of loving kindness. Embrace your inner peace and let it illuminate every aspect of your life: your family, your friends, your community, and even the world.

Your transformation starts on Monday, October 31st in Oprah and Deepak’s Chopra’s 21 Day Meditation Challenge, Creating Peace from the Inside Out: The Power of Connection.

Ready to start with me? Comment and let me know if you’re going to do it! Meditation buddiessss yeah! I challenge you to complete all 21 days – are you with me?


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