Welcome to Punch Drunk Soul! I’m Ali Daniel and I’m a freelancer, an ideal life coach and an eternal happiness seekerI started this blog to chronicle my journey to finding happiness, true health and ultimately myself (whatever that means) through trial and error and lots (and lots) of reading. I call myself a modern spiritualista because I like to think that I have a fresh take on meditation, mindfulness and spirituality. I have no religious affiliation – I have always believed in a higher power, but no god necessarily. What I do believe in is the power of the Universe and that each of us has an energy and power within us that can change our lives in amazing ways if we learn and are willing to tap into it. I tend to stay away from the woo-woo language (not that there’s anything wrong with that way) but I just prefer to speak in plain terms that everyone understands and doesn’t feel too “out there.” I want meditation, mindfulness and soul alignment work to be approachable and something that everyone feels they can do – not just for hippies, yogis and monks. I also want to help other women get clarity, take action and start living their ideal lives through my one-on-one coaching programs.

So, why did I embark on this “journey” in the first place? It’s actually quite a long story that I lay out in my first post here (please read!), but to paraphrase, I have been dealing with a health crisis since the beginning on 2016 that really forced me to look at my life with a new perspective. In many ways 2016 has been the worst of years, and it’s been the best of years. I realized that I was tired of days passing and not feeling like anything happened. I felt like life was flying by and I was just watching, helplessly unable to slow it down. I felt content, but not fulfilled (again, whatever that means). It wasn’t something I could easily describe or put my finger on. There wasn’t anything specific I could blame or say “This is what’s wrong.” I just felt like there was more to life, more out there to experience that I just wasn’t doing.

Now, I’m saying all of this in past tense, not because I’ve discovered the secret to life here (sorry, guys!), but because I have moved past these feelings. I have progressed to a point where I feel in control of my life, my time, my experiences. I’ve identified (some) of the things that make me feel bored, stuck, annoyed, tired, helpless, lost, depressed, disconnected and I do my best to avoid them. And I’ve gotten better at identifying some of the things that make me feel good, connected, at ease, confident, energized, safe, excited, relaxed, and “in the flow,” and I do my very best to turn towards those things. It’s an ongoing process that will be something I work on for the rest of my life because I am always changing, the people around me and the world are always changing, and I will need to adapt. It’s not a process with an end point, but it does get easier with practice. Happiness & health gets easier with practice.

Part of what’s helped me take back control of my life is transitioning to a freelance career. I have found so much freedom and flexibility by going freelance that I have been able to make my health my priority. I have the ability to take time off whenever I need to as well as work from anywhere in the world. It hasn’t been the easiest transition but it has been the most rewarding and I will NEVER look back! I’ve become so passionate about freelancing as a career that I’ve started coaching other women on making the same transition so that they can experience the same freedom and flexibility that I’ve found.

So, overall, this blog is dedicated to my journey of finding myself, loving myself, finding out what happiness looks like to me, discovering true health and everything else in between. I’ll also touch on freelancing as a career and share my experiences and tips along the way. I hope you’ll join me for the journey!


  • The name Punch Drunk Soul has three different meanings for me. The first comes from my love of boxing that I discovered in 2013 (yes, I enjoy hitting things/bags/people – hard!). The second – punch drunk literally means getting hit so many times in the head by your opponent that you feel disoriented and drunk. This year, life threw a lot of punches my way and totally rattled my heart, mind and soul. For a while I was disoriented, but I’m finding my way back to a better reality and hope I can share some learnings with you along the way. The third is that I believe everyone’s soul can become punch drunk at some point in their lives when they ignore their true self and rightful path.
  • This is not a lifestyle blog about being a hostess with the mostest (because I’m not)
  • You won’t find much pinterest-worthy home decor and design stuff, because our apartment is really not that beautiful. It’s often messy because I am good cook but not the best picker-upper (that’s the BF’s job heheh)
  • I may share occasional recipes but I am no Martha Stewart